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Ninja Kids Birthday parties


Our Ninja Kids birthday parties are unique and completely different to every other birthday party out there.


We do parties with a difference!

Everyone wants to be a ninja and in just one fun filled party your kid and their friends can become trainee ninjas for the day.

One and a half hours of ninja based games run by the ninja clan, a team of experienced martial artists and kids entertainers.








We supply everything except the cake. All our food is prepared with fresh wholesome ingredients and laid out Japanese style. A bowl of noodles to slurp with chopsticks and fresh homemade sandwiches with a few treats thrown in.

We provide party bags for all the kids and a special ninja gift bag for the birthday kid who’s aim is to complete his/her mission in becoming a member of the shoguns clan.


The ninja will then enter the dojo (sacred training hall) and cut the cake with a sword and finally present the birthday kid with their own special ninja scroll.

Our parties are run from our specially built Japanese training halls known as dojos creating an oriental atmosphere with swords and weapons adorning the walls and a Japanese suit of armour in our shop window known as Takeda.



Our price per party is €250 catering for up to 18 kids.


To book a party just drop into our centre or call 0469074530 if you leave a message we will get back to you straight away or just fill in the form at the bottom of this page

Remember! we supply absolutely everything except the cake including 1 and 1/2 hours of fun filled Ninja games, party bags and special Ninja gift for the birthday kid and don’t forget ‘The Shoguns Ninja cutting the cake with a real sword’.




Enter the dojo and let the games begin