Live by the sword, die by the sword is a common saying related to the savagery of war or a lifestyle that would bring about an unhappy ending. The reality of sword training is very different from this and teaches us the culture of the sword because that is where the training brings the person and eventually the personality that becomes intertwined with this culture. It breeds a very different understanding of why one would train with the sword and defines the art in its true light. The culture of the sword is of course intrinsically tied to warfare but it has a disciplined nature and that makes it very different to firing a gun or even training with a knife. There is of course discipline in all weapons training but the Japanese sword was taken to a much higher level and with it those who afford themselves that time and patience in becoming part of that training in its most stringent and controlled manner become enamoured to its power and more so its strength.

At Navan and Mullingar students come to train for many different reasons, some simply love the culture of Japan and its history. It is important to know that history makes you what you are and by immersing yourself in the culture of what you are learning history becomes a part of you.

The power of a sword is in its cut and ultimately in one who wields it well, but Its strength, when realised, is not one of warfare it is of the forging of a more disciplined mind.

Kyoshi Martin O’Raghaillaigh

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We are an association of traditional Martial Arts clubs and teach the Genbukan system of martial Arts. We are most fortunate that here in Ireland we have one of the highest trained traditional martial artists in the world who is also a personal student of world renowned Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. He is trained in Japan in one of the last pure traditional schools and holds ranks in old and rare schools of Japanese Jujutsu and Ninpo as well as Chinese martial arts. He believes in teaching the old ways and imparting knowledge for the benefit of all. He is a regular instructor at our associated clubs and all instructors in Genbukan Sanzen dojos come directly under his tuition.