Training at the highest level is something we all aspire to. This year October 2014 brought 29 students to the Uk to train directly under Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. The event took place in Brighton as the first European Tai kai teaching one of the rarest schools of Martial Arts in the world Kijin Chosui Ryu. Head instructor for Ireland Martin O’Raghaillaigh Kyoshi was one of the demonstration group that had the privilege of being on the receiving end of the grandmasters techniques. It was a truly unique experience for students who had the opportunity to see first hand a true Japanese grandmaster.

Kijin Chosui Ryu Enpuh

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura demonstrating a throw on Kyoshi Martin O’Raghaillaigh Kyoshi

Martin O’Raghaillaigh has often said that know one can really appreciate the knowledge that a grandmaster has until they experience it for themselves and indeed the unique way in which old style Martial Arts are transmitted to our generation. A generation that is so overwhelmed with modern misconceptions and ideas of what martial Arts really are. Martial Arts are there to impart knowledge that will improve the person. It is there to enable the mind. Having the ability to protect yourself will naturally improve confidence and awareness. A child with a disciplined mind has a greater chance of escaping from danger. An adult with a good level of discipline has the ability to develop a cultured mind which in itself is a form of self defence.


Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura with his son Khoutarou Tanemura Shihan in Ireland 2009

Confidence, control and discipline demonstrated at the highest levels are achieved through the repetition of age old techniques that test the mind and body

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We are an association of traditional Martial Arts clubs and teach the Genbukan system of martial Arts. We are most fortunate that here in Ireland we have one of the highest trained traditional martial artists in the world who is also a personal student of world renowned Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. He is trained in Japan in one of the last pure traditional schools and holds ranks in old and rare schools of Japanese Jujutsu and Ninpo as well as Chinese martial arts. He believes in teaching the old ways and imparting knowledge for the benefit of all. He is a regular instructor at our associated clubs and all instructors in Genbukan Sanzen dojos come directly under his tuition.